Cloth Clown

Christen Shea

10/1/19- 10/21/19

Cloth Clown re-enacts and augments a story about a haunted rug in Royal Oak in 1961. 3D animation, ceramic and textile objects act as proxies for this Cloth Clown, a playful ghost who haunts various household fabrics. 

Narrative is cradled in the net of perceived reality as it stretches, warps, and unfolds. It can be cut and sewn, ripped and enmeshed, draped and vitrified. 

 Christen Shea (b. 1986) is an interdisclipary artist working in animation and sculptural installation. She completed a Post-Baccalaureate program at the School of the Art Institute Chicago in 2016 and pursued additional graduate study at the Rhode Island School of Design. She will receive her MFA from Columbia University in 2021. She is an alum of Vermont Studio Center 2018.

Cloth Clown

floor grips cloak ground
day lays soft underfoot
clown stripes: black, yellow
nite gasps through window

disembodied square
roughly the size of a waffle
it parts the curtains
i kid you not
starched shape by morning