Portage Garage 2060 Norwalk Street, Hamtramck, MI, US 48212





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Hamtramck Ceramck is an artist collective and curatorial project based in Hamtramck, Michigan at Portage Garage, est. 2015.

Residencies: 2019 Christen Shea (NYC), 2015 Hannah Smith (AUS)


Selected Exhibitions/Projects



Aug Pasta Primadonna, Giovanni's (collaboration w/ Chloe Seibert), Detroit, MI

Apr Drama Club (Solo Exhibition), Bahamas Biennale, Detroit, MI

Mar (Hamtramck Ceramck x Mushroom Books x American Fantasy Classics), The Real Tinsel, Milwaukee, WI

Jan (HC in the Zine Shop), The Pit, Los Angeles, CA

Jan Tetsuo (Group exhibition organized by American Fantasy Classics), Bahamas Biennale, Detroit, MI



Jul The Olive Garden of Earthly Delights, Giovanni's (Collaboration w/ Chloe Seibert), Interstate Projects, NYC

Mar  AVP (Group Exhibition), Bahamas Biennale, Detroit, MI

Feb Mutual Symbiosis (collaboration w/ Nolan Simon), Frontera, Mexico City, MX



Dec (Ping Pong Table), Reyes Project’s Inaugural NADA Presentation, Miami Beach, FL

Nov Unbreakable (film screening), Senate Theatre, Detroit, MI

Oct Fire Sale, Bahamas Biennale, Mukwonago, WI



Nov Rainforest Cafe (Collaboration w/ American Fantasy Classics), Bahamas Biennale, Detroit, MI

July (Asian Room), Plexus, Bert’s Warehouse, Detroit, MI

Apr Flute Jamz, Club Nutz (Collaboration w/ Scott Reeder), Russell Industrial Center, Detroit, MI

Curatorial Projects at Portage Garage



Oct  Kiss Me Goodnight, Carly Mandel (Solo exhibition)

Sept Cloth Clown, Christen Shea (Solo exhibition)

Aug  Persephone, Ashley Cook (Solo exhibition)

June Come on Dun Horse, Matt Seigle (Solo exhibition organized by Good Weather)



Oct Fresh Air, (Group exhibition organized by Carly Mark)



Nov On The Verge of Being Halfway Decent, Thelonious Bone (Solo exhibition)

Oct Signs of Life, Nick Jasky (Solo exhibition and book release)

Sept Amtrak Saran Wrap, (Hamtramck Ceramck’s project space grand opening)

Selected press

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